Monday, June 1, 2009


Lube Your Supply Chain was started by a few individuals who want a central place to go to discuss current topics regarding Global Logistics (Import, Export, Ocean, Air and domestic shipping) and global supply chain management. There are all kinds of tricks to the trade that enable things to work more efficiently and we want to discuss them here.

We'd like to give those of us who are young (at least mentally) and have a sense of humor in the industry a place to go and realize that we can have fun with it too. Small businesses, larger businesses... whatever. Chime in and share your experiences and issues you experience.

Whether you are moving pallets in the warehouse, setting up new routes between Houston and the Middle East or lobbying to implement a Continuous Improvement Process using the Kaizen approach - we want to discuss it here and learn how to help you, help us, help you lube it....err...improve it.

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  1. Cool. I'm excited about getting this blog going and exchanging info. Lube it up!